Dream wedding venues

A perfect wedding requires a smart planner. And that’s none other than you, the marrying couple. You understand yourselves better which means that you are the only people to bring happiness to yourselves. After deciding about the basics like the wedding gown and who will be the best maids, you need to think about the wedding venue. That decision alone may set the difference between an expensive wedding and a cheap one. However, the fun will have to come first here and not the money. There are those areas that you see whenever you think of your wedding. Let’s talk about those.perfect-venue

  1. Country houses 

    These form part of the many venues that people see fit for holding weddings. These can be just homes or hotels. They are known for their big size to accommodate many people and the luxurious experience. On top of that, they will be having everything you need in the within. Accommodation is in plenty and the consistent traditional outlook is great to marry in. there are several options of country houses that come at a cheaper price but most of them tend to be expensive.

  2. Sea/beach view 

    Many will see the sea and the stunning beaches when they dream about their weddings. Well, those dreams might be valid as sea views form part of the admirable wedding venues for many. Just being at the beach signifies the end of an old world and start of another with no end. The view is fabulous and perfect for photography. Where there is a hotel nearby, you can even say your vows in a gazebo to seal a never-to-forget wedding. However, the cost here will also be a little higher. Transport may also be a problem if you come from too far from the interiors.event

  3. Hotel venues 

    Hotels are places suitable enough to host weddings. They have everything you need. Talk of the catering services, accommodation, entertainment halls, good outlooks and what have you. Everything is right there and you don’t have to bother yourself to plan things around. There are people assigned to that task. If you are the kind that loves an all-inclusive modern wedding, you should think of hosting your wedding in a hotel.

  4. Go to the wild 

    You don’t have to be confined within a building to marry your fiancé. You can do it right to the outside in broad daylight for the whole world to take note of your wedding. Outdoor weddings are trending these days with people carrying around tents to have their weddings in the woodlands, mountains and beaches. You will be free out there which makes it more fun to marry in the wild. Instead of being born in an estate, schooling there and marrying there, exclude the bit of marriage at least to be a little bit different. Marrying on a boat is fun as you do sport fishing.

Kate Murray

I work and live in Boston where I drink a lot of beer and play a lot of pinball.