Post-graduation permit is a permit sought after by graduates who have graduated from the Canadian education institutions so as to extend their stay in the country. This is offered so that the graduates can gain the experience of working in a Canadian system of work. This therefore enables them to be fully qualified in the areas where they studied in. however, there are factors that may make your application not to go through. This article will therefore give you what are the factors that will restrict you from gaining this permit. Those factors include.

Less Time of Study

For you to qualify for the post-graduation permit, you are required to have enrolled in a Canadian education institution for over eight months. This is because that is a long time that you have stayed in the country. Taking a course that has less than eight months running means that that course is a very small no so important course and therefore you are not required to seek the work experience of the Canadian work force. Such a course you can practice it in your country of origin. Therefore, if you have enrolled in a course that is less than eight months there is no need for you to even apply for the post-graduation permit.

Non-continuous study

You may have enrolled in a Canadian education institution but you were studying in a non-continuous manner. This means that you were taking offs in between your semesters. This subsequently means that you will automatically extend your stay in the country so that you can finish the course. Therefore extending your stay will mean that you will spend very many extra years in Canada, which you should not have spent in the country. Therefore, it is only reasonable that you do not get the extension as that will make you stay longer than expected. You are therefore required to study in a haphazard manner. You should study in a continuous manner so as to avoid wasting your time in Canada.

Funded by Global Affairs Canada

The global affairs Canada is an organization that deals with sponsoring students so that they can study in Canada. The organization sponsors even students who are out of the country. In case you are a beneficially of their program therefore it is assumed that you do not have another means of getting financial support. Therefore extending your stay when the global affairs Canada have withdrawn from supporting you, you will find it hard to support yourself. Canadian tourist programs also can help you with that if you are not even be in a Canada earlier.

A receiver of another postgraduate work permit

In case you were studying before in Canada and enrolled again in the country’s educational institutions, you should not apply for another postgraduate work permit. This is so that you can give other graduates that are graduating from educational institutions the chance to get that permit themselves.