Major Causes Of Itchy Skins In Dogs

Dogs have the instincts and their bodies can sense when things are not right. Like every other living organism, they will try to do the necessary to fight for their comfort. Major problem lies on their skins. Although there is nothing much to do with the internal health of a dog, itchy skins need to be treated or prevented where possible. The unfortunate bit is that you will definitely know how much your dog’s skin is itching. At night for example, the dog won’t let you sleep. Scratching their skin will be their order of the day and night. To prevent itchy skins, you have to understand the causes first. Here are the common causes of itch skins.

  1. The skin being dry

The same case with humans, scratching is necessary when the skin is dry. A dog with dry skins will have dandruffs under the fur. The skin will also be cracked. When this is the case, you will find it simple to detect. Just maneuver around the fur and you will observe that. The fact is that the more the skin is dry, the more the itch. With a gentle touch, you trigger extreme scratching of the skin by the dog. Only the anti-itch for dogs can help you. It will smoothen the skin moisturizing it. The dog can sit back and relax. The food you feed the dog with also matters. More dry foods will only make the skin drier. Foods with healthy oils are the best to nourish the

  1. An allergy of the dog

Living things are made to work right with some foods while they reject some others. It’s not the wish of one to not eat sweet meals. It’s the allergies and the effects that come along after taking such meals. With that knowledge, perhaps there are some foods that your dog is not compatible with. Every dog is different from the rest. You may notice some skin licking and scratching after you give your dog some foods. Sometimes, it’s the surrounding conditions that trigger the allergy. Whatever the allergy is, you have to track it down to keep the dog comfortable. Anti itch for dogs are products that can help you control the situation in the meantime.

  1. Parasites trigger the itch

These days, the flea are rare. In the developing countries though, these parasites can be a real menace. They are small yet very disturbing. Flea and other insects can camp within the dog’s skin. Nothing good will come from that. Your dog will only be scratching in the attempt to make things right but that will be in vain. Unless you use the right bathing habits or anti-itch for dogs, the parasites will remain. Ticks are the other insects you need to look out for. Sometimes, even the spiders can hide on your dog.

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