Learn About DWIs In New Jersey

Summer is upon us, and with summer comes an increased number of DUIs. Summer in itself does not necessarily cause people to drink and drive more, but there is something about the events during the summer months, the holidays, and the vacations that probably lead to these higher numbers. You should be careful this summer to not get a DWI felony in New Jersey because the cops are definitely on the lookout for drunk drivers. While the intense coverage of cops searching for drunk drivers probably started back in June, the Fourth of July marks the start of most police offihandcuffscers’ efforts to cut down on drunk driving.  This will tend to cycle until Labor Day has come and gone.

I have personally spoken with a police officer in New Jersey, and he told me that they do not necessarily have quotas, but they do have incentive programs for getting a certain number of tickets related to types of traffic violations. For example, he is going to be working the midnight shift every single day in July. During his time working the midnight shift, he and the other police officers who are working will be keeping an eye out for people who might be driving while under the influence of alcohol. These police officers are trained to look for specific signs, and you can be sure they will get a high number of arrests for drunk driving. While there is no quota for how many arrests they are required to get, there are some incentives to get a higher number of DUI arrests. If they reach a certain number of arrests this month, then they will get an extra couple of days of paid time off.  The purpose behind incentives is purely to make the streets safer for the citizens of New Jersey.

Because of the incentives for police officers to achieve a certain number of arrests related to DUIs in New Jersey, it is a good couple of months to be more vigilant than normal.  For us to make sure that we are not driving home after we have been drinking at a friends house, at a concert, at a bar, or at a vacation home. There are a lot of events, vacations, and parties in the summer time that have alcohol. If you’re planning on drinking at all, then your safest option is to have a sober ride home or to stay the night in the place you are drinking.

If you ignore all of the warnings and get a DUI in New Jersey, then you will need to get in touch with a DUI lawyer who can handle your case. While a DUI may not ruin your life, it will be a mark on your permanent record, it can prevent you from getting certain jobs, and it can even be a cause for you losing your current job. A  New Jersey DUI lawyer, such as Stephen Lukach, can help you make sure that you receive the minimum penalties for driving while you were intoxicated.

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