The Legal Rules that Should Govern Trucks in Albany GA

Truck accidents are more common on the road as compared to the other smaller vehicles and the other road users. Therefore rules and regulations have to be put in place in order to help to govern their operations at all times. These requirements should apply to both the truck drivers and the companies that are involved. The following are the legal rules that are supposed to govern the trucks.

Regular Maintenance of the Trucks

The truck company must ensure that their trucks are exposed to regular maintenance at all times. They need to have mechanics who are constantly checking on the trucks at regular intervals. This ensures that the trucks remain road worthy for a longer period of time and at all times as long as they are on the road. In the case of an accident, the big truck injury attorney Albany GA has to check the maintenance records of the track that has been involved in an accident. It should be up to date as required by law.


Employment of Only the Skilled Truck Driver

It is the duty of a truck attorney to ensure that the truck driver has the skill and is qualified to be able to drive a truck. The Albany GA 18 wheeler law firm helps their client to establish this. The accident may have been caused by carelessness and negligence on the part of the truck driver. The truck company must ensure that they employ only the driver who have the qualifications of being able to drive a truck. This saves them from very heavy penalties during accidents.

The Truck Company Should not Overwork the Truck Driver

Truck driving is not an easy task and should be handled by sober minds which are not tired. The truck driver should be physically fit and mentally energetic too at all times. One should not drive for long hours before taking a rest. In a long journey the truck should have at least two drivers to work in a five to six hour shift. The truck driver should not be on the truck wheel throughout a long journey that goes for over 24 hours. This is likely to lead to hunger and fatigue which is a major cause of accidents. If they are two drivers they should keep on exchanging their shifts and should take rest when needed. They should also allow the truck to rest for some time before they can commence on their long

Allowing the Truck to Rest

On a long journey the truck should just be allowed to come to a standstill even when there is no breakdown. This allows the engines to cool down so that when they are ignited again they are more powerful. This also increases the efficiency of the operation of the track. It also allows the truck drivers to be able to take rest and if possible take naps.


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