Patella bands and how they help runners

May runners and athletes out there tend to have pain in front of their knees which has become a very common problem. This is where patella bands come in, they can be defined as a type of pressure thin strip that is normally worn under the knee. It is very beneficial in that it is able to control the pain that the person wearing it is experiencing. Many orthopedists out there have said that they tend to temporarily control the pain since they are not really able to solve the main problem.

Pain that is experienced in the kneecap area also known as patellofemoral pain can be caused by a number of things. Some of the things that can bring about this kind of pain include excessive overuse or training, weakness or an imbalance of the muscles in the thigh and can also be caused by the kneecap suffering a misalignment. Patella bands are normally applied under the kneecap around the leg so as to aid with this kind of pain.

The main concept when it comes to the use of bands is to put some kind of pressure on the patellar tendon and then make sure that the kneecap has been tightened up.  These bands usually come in a number of different styles and variety which means that you can easily get one that suits you. Some come with a kind of variation which is said to be the second band with its main aim been that it is able to provide additional support to the person who is using it.

patella_supportEven though there have been arguments on whether or not these patella bands really work, a number of clinicians have said that they are able to provide a kind of temporary relief as mentioned earlier. What they do is that they help you to continue functioning even though they are not the most appropriate treatment.

According to some orthopedists, pain that tends to occur in front of the knee should be treated with ice, proper rest, doing some strengthening exercises and quadriceps. If the injury that you are having was caused by you overtraining or stressing your legs, then it is highly advisable that you get proper rest first so that your knee is able to get better on its own. After proper rest then you can slowly go back to your sports. If you do not do this, you may end up hurting your knee even further which in turn may cause serious damage.

Some chiropractors who have specialized in injuries caused by running say that even though these patella straps are able to offer temporary relief, patients can also go for orthotics which are off-the-shelf and inexpensive. These orthotics are able to give patients long term relief of the pain and injury by rolling inward of the foot and also reducing the level of pronation.

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