Spice Up Your Next Chamber Event By Hiring A Stand Up Comic

 Are you a fan of Seth Meyers? How about Jay Leno? Or perhaps Wayne Brady is your type of comedic genius… These are just some of the most popular comedians that could entertain your parties.

Can you imagine getting Seth Meyers in your party? It would be like being an audience member on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Get ready to laugh about politics because that’s Meyers’ cup of tea. His jokes are mostly intellectual so he would be perfect for corporate parties. Actually, for corporate events, it’s always advisable to hire a comic. This is because the tension in the air of corporate events is always higher compared to other parties. So it is important that if we organize a party for all employees, the party is an actual party and not an extension of the office.

Comedians have a special talent that could diffuse tension or just a little bit of awkwardness between management and rank-and-file. Laughter, they say, is a universal language. This means that whether you are a boss attending a corporate event, or a utility worker, when the comic says something hilarious, all employees—from different departments, different official standing—laugh together. Imagine how much you’ll crack up if you were able to book a comedian for a corporate event.

Comedians, at least the professionals, tailor-make their jokes to the event on hand. Meyers, for example, creates jokes on a daily basis, pertinent to what is going on in the world. This is also what happens when he, or any other stand-up comedians for hire for that matter, is commissioned to a party. Comedians will state jokes that are related to the event, or jokes that the people in the event can relate to. And mind you, they might even give a few jabs at those mean bosses.

Jay Leno would be one of the best comedians for private parties. He may be more available than Seth Meyers since he already retired from The Tonight Show, which is now handled by Jimmy Fallon. He is good at making fun of people, and he may make ordinary employees feel good about themselves after he insults some of the top guns. The owners and bosses are great targets in corporate events.

“You can’t make a joke without inserting a wicked twist, and you can’t be a comedian without holding a small amount of power, for even a short period of time, over the audience,” an article from The Atlantic called “The Dark Psychology of Being a Good Comedian” read. This means that comedians have the creative license to bash those pesky bosses. Wayne Brady may even throw in a couple of race jokes, which black comedians are known for.

Notice how we always ask for ice breakers during seminars or other activities? Well, a comedian’s entire show is an ice breaker. They will be good at easing possible tension between management and rank-and-file workers during corporate events. As far as other events go: birthdays, weddings or Church gatherings, these celebrity comedians may be too expensive for such private events. As far as fund-raisers go, some comedians might be persuaded to take on the job at a lower talent fee—maybe even for free.

Comedians certainly provide a stress-free environment. They create an atmosphere of fun and laughter. And everybody deserves to laugh.


Taylor Marshall

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